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Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Totally okay, not that hard btw."

Huzzah! It's really an enjoyable game, wish I got it all in recording. Ya' know to hear what I said while I was traversing through the game.

-Your hit-detection doesn't apply on enemy ships, but I guess that was the point.
-Pods take off a lot of the dakka(bullets) away. Kinda overpowered, but still I think that was what your going for.
-Some attack patterns where either too easy or not trying to kill you at all. There were times in the boss battles in which I didn't move at all. Seriously, I JUST LET GO OF THE MOUSE and let the boss shoot hopelessly and eventually I win.
-There was this one boss I gained a lot of lives on, the one that shot a beam of bullets. Seriously, when I was on my last life-- then suddenly I get 6 lives, at the end of the battle, I have accumulated 14 lives. On the boss rush, it appeared again and I manage to reach 30 lives.
-The final boss isn't much of a final boss of a bullet hell shooter. It felt more of a rehash of some other boss with added large shots. It felt generic and I felt there was going to be one last fight, but I was disappointed.

Oh well. This felt very factory-made a.k.a. generic although it's quality work, good job anyway.

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