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Entry #1

Entry 0001: Helloooo! Newgrounds!

2011-04-16 14:08:02 by Xkproductions

/Ambassadress Kawaii Kichona Here,

Bringing to you our first words to be made on our news feed! Hooray!
Our development team is clearly on to working there 'arse's off just to make you off(ugh, that didn't come out right). Anyway, what's a Cutezome without a little green joke, eh?(Gotta add that to our wiki). And trust me, those 'arse's are well tested and will do great for your pleasure!(really, I've gotten myself on those ~kya)

-Cwazy Fantasy Shootew 2
-Death Label
-Cream's Adventure(not a Sonic reference, okay? It's just Ironic that I came up with the name)

~I'm not quite totally sure if we're going to put this up but, we'll update as soon as we would.

/Ambassadress Kawaii Kichona, signing out!

Entry 0001: Helloooo! Newgrounds!


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